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ISO IEC 7812-2:2015 pdf free

ISO IEC 7812-2:2015 pdf free.ldentification cards一Identification of issuers
An applicant shall apply to its national standards body, or its national body’s designated Sponsoring Authority for the assignment of a single IN using the form shown in Annex B. In the absence of a national standards body, or designated Sponsoring Authority, the application should be sent to the secretariat of the ISO/IEC technical body responsible for this Intemational Standard. Application forms are also available, on request from the Registration Authority, the secretariat of the Registration Management Group (RMG) and the secretariat of ISO/IECJTC 1/SC 17. The national standards body or the secretariat of ISO/IECJTC 1/SC 17 then acts as the “Sponsoring Authority” (see Clause 7) with respect to the application.
There are two types of blockholders, administrative blockholders and card scheme blockholders.
Administrative blockholders (see 3.1) are assigned a block of INs, following approval by the RMG, for re-assignment to card issuers that fall within their specific industry or geographic area of jurisdiction. Once assigned, the IN belongs to the card issuers unless it specifically agrees to relinquish the IN because it is no longer used by them. The Registration Authority fee applies to each IiN assigned from the block.
Card scheme blockholders (see 3.4) represent a group of card issuers. These blockholders are assigned a block of lINs, following approval by the RMG, for assignment to the members of that particular card scheme. It a card issuer relinquishes membership of that scheme the IN reverts back to the blockholder and use of it by the organization must cease. The Registration Authority fee applies to each IN assigned from the block.
Where the applicant is applying for a block of INs either as an administrative blockholder (see 3.1), or as a card scheme blockholder (see 3.4), the applicant shall complete a Blockholder Application Form (see Annex F) and provide the following supplementary information as justification:
a) whether the application is to become an administrative blockholder or a card scheme blockholder;
b) the reason why card issuers must receive INs from a blockholder, rather than each card issuer applying individually to the Registration Authority for an lIN;
c) description of the nature of the service that the applicant’s organization is planning to or currently provides;
d) whether the proposed blockholder will act as an agent for issuers legally associated with it, but each issuer is a separate corporate legal entity;ISO IEC 7812-2 pdf download.

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