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ISO IEC 7812-1:2015 pdf free

ISO IEC 7812-1:2015 pdf free.ldentification cards – ldentification of issuers
Ten thousand INs in the range“00″ have been allocated to ISO/TC 68 for assignment to institutions other than card issuers in order to accommodate requirements in ISO 8583-1. Applicants applying for INs commencing with“00″ shall refer to ISO 8583-1, where application procedures and an application form are provided.
NOTE ISO/TC 68 has assigned IN 00000 as a test IN.
IINs beginning with“80”are for use by healthcare institutions. These IINs are managed by individual national registration authorities. Each national  egistration authority shall register with the ISO/EC 7812 Registration
Authority so that they can be identified in the ISO Register of Card Issuer ldentification Numbers. The format of the entry for the national registration authorities shall be“80[CCC]”, where“80″ denotes healthcare and “CCC” is the three-digit country code in accordance with ISO 3166-1. The formatting and coding of the digits following“80[CCC]” is at the discretion of the regional healthcare authorities. Enquiries for details of national healthcare registration authorities may be made to the ISO/IEC 7812 Registration Authority.
IINs beginning with“89″ are for use by telecommunications administrations and recognized private operating agencies in accordance with ITU-T Rec. E.118. These INs are maintained by the International Telecommunication Union, and applicants applying for INs for use on telecommunications cards shall apply for an IN commencing with “89″. Enquiries for INs starting with“89″ shall be made to:
International Telecommunication Union, Place des Nations,1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland,Telephone: +41 227 305211, Fax: + 41227 337 256.
MII 9 has been allocated to national standards bodies for their use; it shall be presented as the primary or first digit followed by the three-digit numeric country code as specified in ISO 3166-1.
NOTE 1 In the interest of international conformity, national standards bodies are advised to assign INs in accordance with the recommendations given in Annex A.
NOTE 2 Issuers operating in an environment that does not include interchange shall not use an MII other than 9.ISO IEC 7812-1 pdf download.

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