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ISO IEC 7811-9:2015 pdf free

ISO IEC 7811-9:2015 pdf free.Identification cards一Recording technique
This part of ISO/IEC 7811 specifies the physical characteristics of a tactile identifier mark used by visually impaired card holders to distinguish their cards. It defines the area on the card for the TIM and the layout of Braille style embossed dots arranged in patterns to enable easy tactile recognition.
A TIM is in conformance with this part of ISO/IEC 7811 if it meets all mandatory requirements and optional requirements as specified.
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO/IEC 7810 and the following apply.
raised in relief from the front surface of the card by adding or reacting card material or by deforming the card material from the opposite side
The TIM should be located on the front surface of the card in the area shown in Figure 1.
The TIM shall not be located outside the name and address area defined by ISO/IEC 7811-1.
Regardless of TIM location, all other raised areas shall be at least 1 mm from the edge of any TIM.
When the technology used to form the raised areas causes a physical deformation of the card such as mechanical embossing, then special care shall be taken that such deformation of the card does not adversely affect the required characteristics of the contained components such as IC, antenna, connecting wires, etc.
A minimum distance of 3 mm between the contained components and any deformed part of the card is recommended unless it is known that the components are not affected by the deformation of the card.
The recommended TIM location is shown in Figure 1 as “Default area”. If the “Alternate area” for TIM is used, there shall be no other raised area to the right and below the TIM dots ( between TIM dots and nearest edges of card).
NOTE The alternate area is raised up to avoid overlapping on the antenna of a contactless IC card but is still low enough to be in the name and address area as required and to be at least 1 mm away from the primary account line (both specified in ISO/IEC 7811-1).ISO IEC 7811-9 pdf download.

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