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ISO IEC 7811-2:2018 pdf free

ISO IEC 7811-2:2018 pdf free.Identification cards一Recording technique一Magnetic stripe: Low coercivity
In the bit configuration for each character on the magnetic area, the least significant bit (20) shall be encoded first and the parity bit last.
The encoding shall begin from the right-hand side viewed from the side with the magnetic stripe and with the stripe at the top.
The lead-in up to the first data bit shall be recorded with zeroes and the space after the last bit shall also be recorded with zeroes. Zeroes prior to 3,30 mm [0.130 in) or after 82,17 mm (3.235 in) from the right edge of the card when viewed from the back are not required to meet the specifications given herein.
The longitudinal redundancy check (LRC) character shall appear for each data track. The LRC character shall be encoded so that it immediately follows the end sentinel when the card is read in a direction giving the start sentinel first, followed by data and the end sentinel. The bit configuration of the LRC character shall be identical to the bit configuration of the data characters.
The LRC character shall be calculated using the following procedure:
The value of each bit in the LRC character, excluding the parity bit, is defined such that the total count of one bits encoded in the corresponding bit location of all characters of the data track, including the start sentinel, data, end sentinel, and LRC characters, shall be even.
The LRC characters parity bit is not a parity bit for the individual parity bits of the data track, but is only the parity bit for the LRC character encoded as described in 11.2.
Each encoded track shall be located between the two lines as shown in Figure 11. The start of encoding is located at the centreline of the first “one” bit in the start sentinel. The end of encoding is located at the centreline of the last bit in the longitudinal redundancy check character (the last bit is the parity bit).ISO IEC 7811-2 pdf free download.

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