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ISO IEC 7811-1:2018 pdf free

ISO IEC 7811-1:2018 pdf free.Identification cards一Recording technique一Embossing
This document is one of a series of International Standards describing the parameters for identification cards as defined in the terms and definitions clause and the use of such cards for international interchange.
This document specifies requirements for embossed characters on identification cards. The embossed characters are intended for transfer of data either by use of imprinters or by visual or machine reading.It takes into consideration both human and machine aspects and states minimum requirements.
It is the purpose of this document to provide criteria to which cards shall perform. No consideration is given within this document to the amount of use, if any, experienced by the card prior to test. Failure to conform to specified criteria is negotiated between the involved parties.
ISO/IEC 10373-1 specifies the test procedures used to check cards against the parameters specified in this document.
NOTE 1Numeric values in the SI and/or Imperial measurement system in this document may have been rounded off and are consistent with, but not exactly equal to each other. Using either system is correct but intermixing or reconverting values can result in errors. The original design was made using the Imperial measurement system.
NOTE 2 Tactile Identifier Mark (TIM) defined by ISO/IEC 7811-9 can be located in the name and address area of this document. The layout of embossed characters in this area is not intended to interfere with TIM.A prerequisite for conformance with this document is conformance with ISO/IEC 7810 for the ID-1 size card. An identification card is in conformance with this document if it meets all mandatory requirements specified herein. Default values apply if no others are specified.
Special attention shall be paid to the characteristics of the material affecting its suitability for this purpose, particularly in respect to its ability to resist crushing and collapsing of the embossed parts when operating in imprinters.
Cards shall be made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and/or PVCA (vinyl chloride/vinyl acetate copolymer)
or materials having equal or better performance such as polyesters, polyethylenes and polycarbonates.ISO IEC 7811-1 pdf free download.

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