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ISO IEC 29134:2017 pdf free

ISO IEC 29134:2017 pdf free.Information technology一Security techniques
A PIA has often been described as an early warning system. It provides a way to detect potential privacy risks arising from the processing of PII and thereby informing an organization of where they should take precautions and build tailored safeguards before, not after, the organization makes heavy investments. The costs of amending a project at the planning stage will usually be a fraction of those incurred later on. If the privacy impact is unacceptable, the project may even have to be cancelled altogether. Thus, a PIA helps to identify privacy issues early and/or to reduce costs in management time, legal expenses and potential media or public concern by considering privacy issues early. It may also help an organization to avoid costly or embarrassing privacy mistakes.
Although a PIA should be more than simply a compliance check, it does nevertheless contribute to an organization’s demonstration of its compliance with relevant privacy and data protection requirements in the event of a subsequent complaint, privacy audit or compliance investigation. In the event of a privacy risk or breach occurring, the PIA report can provide evidence that the organization acted appropriately in attempting to prevent the occurrence. This can help to reduce or even eliminate any liability, negative publicity and loss of reputation.
An appropriate PIA also demonstrates to an organization’s customers and/or citizens that it respects their privacy and is responsive to their concerns. Customers or citizens are more likely to trust an organization that performs a PIA than one that does not.
A PIA enhances informed decision-making and exposes internal communication gaps or hidden assumptions on privacy issues about the project. A PIA is a tool to undertake the systematic analysis of privacy issues arising from a project in order to inform decision makers. A PIA can be a credible source of information.
A PIA enables an organization to learn about the privacy pitfalls of a process, information system or programme upfront, rather than having its auditors or competitors point them out. A PIA assists in anticipating and responding to the public’s privacy concerns.ISO IEC 29134 pdf download.

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