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ISO IEC 23091-3:2018 pdf free

ISO IEC 23091-3:2018 pdf free.Information technology一Coding-independent code points
OutputChannelPosition indicates the descriptive loudspeaker position in the 3D environment relative to the listener.
For the purpose of this document, the terms “loudspeaker” and “loudspeaker layout” are preferred over the terms “channel” and “channel configuration” because the latter appear to be potentially codec-dependent. Certain standards use these terms (channel, channel configuration) and in their respective contexts should be understood synonymously to the terms “loudspeaker” and “loudspeaker layout'”.
When a speaker is indicated as being at an explicit position, the position is provided by some means outside the scope of this specification. That might include signalling by azimuth, elevation, distance, or by some other suitable means.
The ChannelConfiguration specifies the loudspeaker layout. This defines the number of loudspeakers and their associated positions. The name, abbreviation, and general position of each loudspeaker are informative and can be deduced from Table 3. Due to historical reasons, loudspeaker names may correspond to different geometrical positions or coordinates depending on the loudspeaker layouts in which they have been defined.
Unless otherwise noted, the list of loudspeaker names in Table 3 does not imply any particular order in which corresponding channel signals are stored or transmitted in a certain coding scheme. If such an order is required by a coding scheme, then the corresponding document should mandate an order of channels within the scope of its own specification.
LoudspeakerGeometry specifies the nominal geometric position of a loudspeaker or audio channel according to Table 4, with azimuth and elevation angles in polar coordinates. The LoudspeakerAzimuth angle is expressed in degrees; positive values rotate to the left when facing the front, i.e. counter clockwise when looking from above. The LoudspeakerElevation angle is expressed in degrees; positive values go up from the horizontal plane. The horizontal plane is defined as the horizontal plane at ear level, i.e. elevation is 0.ISO IEC 23091-3 pdf download.

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