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ISO 9705-1:2016 pdf free

ISO 9705-1:2016 pdf free.Reaction to fire tests一Room corner test for wall and ceiling lining products
The fuel container shall be placed on a weighing platform consisting of a slab placed on top of a weight measuring device. The slab shall have the dimensions 1,2 m × 1,2 m and be of calcium silicate boards according to EN 13238.
The weight measuring device, e.g. load cells, shall measure the specimen mass with an accuracy of at least ±100 g up to at least 90 kg of specimen mass. It shall be installed in such a way that the heat from the burning sample and any eccentricity of the load does not affect the accuracy. Care should be taken to avoid range shifts during measurements. All parts of the weight-measuring device, e.g. load cells, shall be below the top level of the slab.
The distance from the upper surface of the slab to floor level shall not exceed 0,5 m. The area between the slab and the floor level shall be shielded in order to avoid lifting forces due to fire induced air flow that could influence the measurement.
The container shall be centred under the hood and be in the horizontal plane.
The temperature of the fuel, the container and ambient shall be (20±5) °C. The fuel container shall be allowed to cool between tests. The amount of fuel dispensed into the container shall be weighed with an accuracy of ±10 g.
The horizontal wind draught measured at a distance of 0,5 m from the boundary of the weighing platform in level with the slab shall not exceed 0,5 m/s.
The product shall be attached either to a substrate or directly to the interior of the fire room. The mounting technique (for example, nailing, gluing, using a support system) shall, as far as possible,conform to that used for the product in its end use application. The thickness of the specimen including air gap shall be a maximum of 100 mm. The mounting technique shall be clearly stated in the report (see Clause 12), particularly if the mounting technique used improves the physical behaviour of the specimen during the test.ISO 9705-1 pdf download.

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