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ISO 9462:2014 pdf free

ISO 9462:2014 pdf free.Alpine ski-bindings一Requirements and test methods
NOTE This subclause deals with general requirements covering topics where the evaluation is carried out visually.
一when applying a torque Mz about an axis perpendicular to the ski gliding surface, and
一when applying a torque My about an axis parallel to the ski surface and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the ski.
The binding is said to release when the mentioned torque reaches a maximum value (release value) and then drops to a value that is harmless for the skier. After release, all the loads applied by the ski and the boot on the leg shall remain under the dangerous level for all possible movements, and until all the risks associated with the coupling boot-ski have disappeared.
The release level shall be clearly indicated by a scale covering all of the setting range anticipated by the manufacturer. The release shall still be possible at the upper limit (maximum setting). Settings above Z = 10 shall be clearly differentiated from settings below Z= 10 on the indicator scale.
Each procedure of adjustment to the boot having an influence on the binding functioning shall be verifiable by the use of a clear indicator, or by any other means considered suitable by the operator for showing the correct adjustment.
The binding shall be equipped with a ski-brake or allow for an easy and secure attachment of a leash. The ski-brake and the attachment for the leash shall be according to ISO 11087.
The manufacturer or the importer shall deliver mounting instructions that are easily understood to the sports shop. These instructions shall include at least
a) the mechanical procedure for adjusting the release values of the binding,
b) recommendations for determining the appropriate release values for the skier,
c) the sole characteristics required for good functioning of the binding,
d) the boot-sole requirements and preparation for mounting of additional elements if necessary,
e) the preparation and mounting of the binding e.g. use of jig, compatibility with ski, etc.,
f) the adjustment instructions necessary for accommodating different boot-sole lengths and heights, the centering of the sole and ways of controlling the length adjustment,
g) the ways of performing the basic functional tests after mounting,
h) recommendation for setting the binding with a setting device, and
i) troubleshooting procedures for non-symmetric release and readjustment.ISO 9462 pdf download.

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