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ISO 9448-5:2013 pdf free

ISO 9448-5:2013 pdf free.Tools for pressing一Guide bushes一Form D, ball cage bushes, headed, type 1
This part of ISO 9448 specifies the main dimensions and tolerances, in millimetres, of guide bushes of form D, headed ball cage bushes, type 1, intended for use in press tools and to be mounted in the clamp plate with transition fit and fixed to the plate by means of screws.
It gives guidance on the materials, and specifies the hardness and the designation ofbushes in accordance with this part of ISO 9448.
2 Dimensions
The dimensions of type 1 headed ball cage bushes (form D) shall conform to the indications in Figure 1 and Table 1.
Details not stated, such as chamfers, radii, lubrication grooves, are left to the manufacturer’s discretion.
a The manufacturer shall determine the internal diameter, Ds, of the bush, using the tolerance M5.This diameter is intended to be lapped or ground to ensure the proper preloading of the balls between the pillar and the bush, as determined by the manufacturer. This lapping or grinding operation shall be carried out to give a surface roughness Ra = 0,05 μm and this diameter shall act as a reference diameter for the concentricity and perpendicularity tolerances.
b Left to the manufacturer’s discretion.
3 Material
The material is left to the manufacturer’s discretion and the hardness shall be [63±1] HRC.
4 Designation
A guide bush in accordance with this part of ISO 9448 shall be designated by:
a) “Guide bush”;
b) a reference to this part of ISO 9448, i.e ISO 9448-5;
c) its form;
d) its guiding diameter, D1, in millimetres;
e) its length, l, in millimetres.
EXAMPLE A guide bush of form D, headed ball cage bush, type 1 of guiding diameter D1 = 16 mm and of length 1 = 25 mm is designated as follows:
Guide bush ISO 9448-5D-16×25.ISO 9448-5 pdf download.

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