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ISO 9443:2018 pdf free

ISO 9443:2018 pdf free.Surface quality classes for hot-rolled bars and wire rod
If the appropriate International Standard specifying the quality requirements for the material does not contain exact specifications for the required surface quality class and the admissible portion of defective material, the following details shall be given in the following order.
a) The surface quality class (see Table 1) unless class A or default class.
b) The maximum admissible portion 7 of defective material in the total delivery lot (for the default value see Table 1, other values can be agreed at the time of enquiry and order).
c) The type of verification, which is left to the producer if not specified at the time of enquiry and order.
NOTE A guideline for applying surface quality classes is given in Annex A.
The surface quality shall comply with the requirements of surface quality classes defined in Table 1 (see also Figure 1) and shall be specified or agreed in accordance with 4.1 and 4.2.
The handling of defective material should also be agreed upon at the time of enquiry and order; for example, whether it shall be sent back to the manufacturer or scrapped, etc. This also applies if the total delivery is accepted.
The methods used for detecting discontinuities and measuring the depth of discontinuities shall be sufficiently accurate and shall give reproducible results.
Non-destructive methods (see and and also technological methods (see )may be used.
NOTE Given the limitations of continuous inspection equipment for wire rod relative to the exactness of imperfection depth measurements, it is normally only possible to inspect the ends of the coils. Therefore, it cannot be proved that no value greater than the specified value is to be found in the coil as a whole.
In cases of dispute, the measurements carried out in accordance with on products in the delivery condition shall be decisive.ISO 9443 pdf free download.

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