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ISO 9296:2017 pdf free

ISO 9296:2017 pdf free.Acoustics – Declared noise emission values of information technology and telecommunications equipment
The determination of the declared noise emission values is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of the equipment.
For declaring noise emission values for a batch of ITT equipment, a random sample shall be drawn from the batch of new equipment under consideration. The A-weighted sound power level, LWA, shall be determined for one or more idle modes and one or more operating modes as defined in ISO 7779.
Optionally, the A-weighted emission sound pressure level, LpA if needed, may also be determined for the same modes as for sound power level. Based on these measured values, the declared mean A-weighted sound power level, LWA ,m, along with the statistical adder for verification, Kv, shall be determined in accordance with the procedures of 5.2 and 5.4. And, if needed, the declared mean A-weighted emission sound pressure level, LpA,m, shall be determined in accordance with the procedures of 5.3.
There are essentially two broad applications of product noise declarations.
First, prospective customers may want to know the basic noise emission levels of the ITT equipment they are considering in order to make informed purchasing decisions and to compare one product to another. The A-weighted sound power level and the A-weighted emission sound pressure level,determined in accordance with accepted standards such as ISO 7779, are the appropriate quantities for this application. This document requires that the mean values of these two quantities, LWA,m and LpA.m, for a batch of equipment be declared.
Second, some prospective customers, especially those considering the purchase of large quantities of equipment, may want assurance that a large percentage of the equipment in the batch will have noise levels below a certain limit or specification value; and they would like to verify this fact before purchasing the products. The statistical upper limit A-weighted sound power level, LWA,c, is the appropriate quantity for this application, and this document includes procedures for its determination and for its use in the verification procedure.ISO 9296 pdf free download.


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