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ISO 9235:2013 pdf free.Aromatic natural raw materials一Vocabulary
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
NOTE 1 In the following definitions, the terms defined elsewhere are in italic type. In each definition, reference is made to the number where they are defined.
NOTE 2 In this document, terms appear in alphabetical order of English terms; an index sorted by themes is presented in Annex A; another index sorted by alphabetical order for the French terms is given in Annex B.
product obtained by extraction with ethanol from a concrete (2.2), a floral pomade (2.22), a resinoid (2.26) or a supercritical fluid extract (2.27)
Note 1 to entry: The ethanolic solution is generally cooled down and filtered in order to eliminate the “waxes”; the ethanol is then eliminated by distillation.
distillate (2.8) which results from the distillation of a natural raw material (2.19) in presence of ethanol at variable concentrations
aqueous distillate (2.8) which remains after steam distillation and separation of the essential oil (2.11) whenever possible
EXAMPLE Lavender hydrolate (water), orange blossom water.
Note 1 to entry: A floral water or a “plant name” water is an aromatic water.
Note 2 to entry: Aromatic water can undergo physical treatments which do not result in any significant changes in its composition (e.g. filtration, decantation, centrifugation).
essential oil (2.11) treated by a physical process in order to concentrate one or more components considered to be of interest
extract (2.13) obtained from a fresh natural raw material (2.19) by extraction with one or several solvents
Note 1 to entry: The solvent or solvents are then totally or partly removed.
product of condensation obtained after distillation of a natural raw material (2.19)
essential oil (2.11) obtained by distillation of wood, barks, roots or gums, without addition of water or steam
EXAMPLE Birch tar essential oil.
essential oil (2.11) obtained from a fruit juice during its concentration or during UHT [flash pasteurization] treatment
Note 1 to entry: The water and aromatic oils are separated to yield an aromatic oil phase and a dilute water phase,which contains the water soluble aromatic components.ISO 9235 pdf download.

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