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ISO 9186-3:2014 pdf free

ISO 9186-3:2014 pdf free.Graphical symbols一Test methods一Method for testing symbol referent association
Symbols for specialized referents are used to denote or represent facilities, controls, displays, concepts,or objects. Many different referents/graphical symbols can be within the working environment and on equipment operated by specialist users.
The method for testing comprehensibility described in ISO 9186-1, which involves presenting participants with a symbol and asking them to say what they think it means, is not appropriate for testing a symbol for a specialized referent which is not familiar to the participants. This is because they might respond “don’t know” because they are ignorant of the referent, not because the symbol does not provide a clear representation of its referent. It is, therefore, necessary to use a different method for testing symbols for specialized referents, a method which includes an initial stage in which respondents are familiarized with the referents and demonstrate familiarity before the symbols are tested. This is referred to as familiarity training.
When the respondent is familiar with specialized referents, symbols can be tested by presenting them to the respondents together with a list of the familiarized referents and asking them which, if any, of the referents is indicated by the symbol. This is called the symbol referent association test. In order to avoid later responses being unduly influenced by earlier ones, and to reduce the ability to make a correct response by a process of elimination, the test should include some items in which none of the familiarized referents presented is the one intended to be represented by the symbol. Every test question should include the possible answer “none of these”.
The size of the set of symbols to be tested depends on the context in which the symbols are used. For example, the set might be all the symbols found on a particular item of equipment or on a number of items of equipment in a particular location. In a set, there are typically many symbols to be tested.ISO 9186-3 pdf free download.

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