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ISO 9150:1988 pdf free

ISO 9150:1988 pdf free.Protective clothing – Determination of behaviour of materials on impact of small splashes of molten metal
ISO 9150 specifies a test method designed to evaluate the behaviour of materials used for protective clothing when such materials are struck by small liquid metal splashes, especially when molten steel particles are projected against the material.
It applies to any pliable material, or assembly of materials, dosigned to protoct workers against small splashes of molten metal.
The results obtained by this method enable the behaviour of different materials which have undergone this test under stan-dardized conditions to be compared. They do not permit con-clusions with respect to contacts with large splashes of molten cast iron or other molten metal to be drawn, neither will they allow the behaviour of complete garments under industrial con-ditions to be predicted.
The specimen-holding frame also supports the sensor (5.3). It allows the specimen to be maintained under tension by a system of pulley-clamps and by a counterweight (see figure 5).
Use counterweights of 175g±5 g on both sides of the test specimen or, alternatively, fix one end of the test specimen in a clamp and attach a 175g±5 g counterweight to the other.
The position of the specimen-holder is adjustable horizontally and vertically.
WARNING : Health and safety of operators
On exposure to molten metal, organic materials may pyrolyse wlth formatlon of toxlc or noxious products.
Therefore, tests according to this method shall be carried out in an enclosure where adequate air extraction is available upon completion of each test.
Protective gloves shall be worn when handling hot objects. If close-up inspection of apparatus or test specimen is required during testing, eye and face protec-tion should be provided.
Catch metal drops in a suitable receptacle underneath the specimen holder.
Determine the mass of a drop m by weighing the rod before and after melting 20 drops and dividing the mass difference by20.
Determine the frequency by recording with a stop-watch the time necessary to produce a given number of drops, the first drop being excluded from the count.ISO 9150 pdf download.

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