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ISO 8783:2015 pdf free

ISO 8783:2015 pdf free.Alpine skis – Guidelines for conducting slope performance tests
The test run shall provide terrain on which all skiing manoeuvres can be carried out. The site shall permit every tester to conduct the same manoeuvres at the same place on the slope. The test shall be carried out in hard and well-prepared snow conditions.Each tester shall test every ski of a predetermined group of skis. Skis belonging to the same category of test skis shall be tested within one day, provided that snow conditions do not change considerably during the course of the day. If snow conditions do change considerably within the course of the day, the test shall be interrupted and be continued, provided snow conditions are comparable, on the next day.The test personnel shall be independent, neutral, and discreet, as responsible experts.
The skiing ability of personnel shall be such that a representative evaluation of the skis in accordance with the test run is ensured. The physical condition of personnel shall be adequate for the tasks of the test. The physical condition and the skiing ability should not change significantly during the course of the test. The tester shall be capable and shall be trained to use ski techniques according to the test criteria and also to perform skiing motions treated as single movements.
The test ski shall be tested in an undamaged condition only (free of burrs). When the running surface is damaged considerably, the ski shall be withdrawn from the test for refurbishment of the damaged area.There shall be no tests prior to the official test and nobody shall be allowed to ski on the test skis prior to the official test.
If a ski model is sold exclusively with such additional attached/mounted elements, this ski model may be tested in its category together with comparable skis which do not feature this kind of element.If a ski model can be tuned by means of optional elements in order to alter its performance, then it should be possible to test this particular function as well, or it should be possible to conduct a separate test for the ski with the tuning elements.ISO 8783 pdf download.

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