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ISO 8469:2013 pdf free

ISO 8469:2013 pdf free.Small craft – Non-fire-resistant fuel hoses
For straight hoses of 19 mm inner diameter and smaller, condition three hose samples for 5 h at an ambient temperature of -20 °C±2 °C. Flex in the cold chamber through 180° from the centreline to a diameter of 10 times the maximum outside diameter of the hose. The flexing shall take place within 4s and the hose shall not fracture or show any cracks, checks or breaks in the tube or cover.
For straight hoses larger than 19 mm inner diameter and all pre-formed hoses, prepare three samples (100±5) mmx (6±1) mm from the whole hose wall and condition them for 5 h at a temperature of -20 °C±2 °C in an unrestrained loop, position between two jaws 50 mm wide and 64 mm apart. While in the cold chamber, bring the jaws together rapidly until they are 25 mm apart. The samples shall not fracture or show any cracks, checks or breaks.
Hose samples of 38 mm inner diameter shall be selected for the test. Larger inner diameter hose sizes to be qualified by the test shall not have a cover thickness or construction less than those of the test samples.
Three identical 38 mm inner diameter hose samples shall be tested. Condition hose samples for at least 24 h at a temperature of 23 °C±2 °C and 50 %±5 % relative humidity. The test hose shall be mandrel-(core-) supported and rotate at a constant speed of 80 rev/min±2 rev/min. Subject the hose to a laterally moving abrasive surface, i.e. 80 grit aluminium oxide (Al2O3) emery cloth, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the hose. The abrasive surface shall be (25±5) mmx (75±5) mm affixed to a hard surface which will cycle back and forth 75 mm±5 mm in each direction while loaded with a constant normal force of 45 N±5 N. One test cycle shall equal one 360° rotation of the outside diameter of the hose and one back and forth movement of the abrasive surface. After 1 000 cycles, the three test samples shall have no helical wire reinforcement exposed at the point of contact with the abrasive surface.ISO 8469 pdf download.

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