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ISO 8442-9:2018 pdf free

ISO 8442-9:2018 pdf free.Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs – Cutlery and table holloware
Ceramic knives shall be made from materials that enable the finished products to meet all the performance requirements of this standard. The strength of ceramic blade, handle properties, and firmness of handle attachment shall meet the requirements of ISO 8442-1.
The porosity of ceramic blade shall be less than or equal to 1,5 %. The maximum projected length of the maximum pore (the maximum diameter of pore) shall be less than or equal to 25 um. The inclusion or structure defects (e.g. micro-cracks, non-uniform distribution of pores) shall not be observed in the view of the pores which are observed. The test method can be seen in Annex A.
Ceramic blades shall not show any cracks, pores, damages or other defects after being submitted to the penetrant test in accordance with ISO 3452-1.
Ceramic knives shall not have any defects which may incur injuries during foreseeable use, such as deformation (distortion), deep scratches, cracks, burrs and chipping.
The cutting edge should be formed to an included angle no greater than 40° and should be no thicker than 0,46 mm when measured 1 mm from the extremity of the edge and not less than 25 mm from the handle.
The hardness of ceramic blades shall be tested in accordance with ISO 14705 and the measurement points shall be tested in the areas“1, 2, 3”of the ceramic blade length and width trisection. At least one point shall be tested in each area. The test shall be carried out on a surface which is smooth, flat and free from foreign matter. The surface shall be polished to permit accurate measurement of the diagonal lengths of the indentation. Preparation shall be carried out in such a way that any alteration of the surface hardness is minimized. The Vickers hardness value of each point shall be not less than 1 100 HV3, and all indentations shall be acceptable and shall not reveal micro-cracks. The measurement points for hardness of ceramic blades are shown in Figure 1.ISO 8442-9 pdf download.

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