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ISO 8317:2015 pdf free

ISO 8317:2015 pdf free.Child-resistant packaging一Requirements and testing procedures for reclosable packages
Enough children to ensure 200 valid participants between the ages of 42 and 51 months inclusive, with an even distribution of age and sex, shall be available. They shall all be healthy with no evident physical handicap which might affect manual dexterity. They shall not have taken part in more than one previous test and, in that test, a package of a different type with opening arrangements based on a different principle shall have been involved. If a child is used on more than one test panel, it is desirable that there should be at least one week between the tests.
It is preferable for only one test to be performed in one testing session, because there might be a statistically significant difference in the results between the first and second package tried.
The children shall perform the test in any place with which they are familiar or relaxed, for example, in their usual school or nursery, but they should be removed from the general school population and separated from extraneous distractions. A minimum of three sites shall be used, selected from different demographic areas.
The test may be performed on all 200 children or by a sequential procedure. If the latter is used, the number of children tested will depend on the results obtained (see 5.1.2). When testing sequentially, the age and sex constraints specified in 4.4.2 shall be adhered to.
The children shall be tested in pairs, each pair being monitored by one supervisor. If desired, a number of pairs (up to five) may be tested in the same room at the same time, provided that arrangements are such that they cannot distract other pairs. They may adopt any attitude or position they find convenient.
Should a child wander off during the test, action by the supervisor(s) shall be limited to leading the child back to its place and requesting that he or she continue the test, without any additional instruction being given concerning the opening of the package; this fact shall be included in the report.
Each child shall be given a package with the request that it be opened by whatever means the child wishes to use; in order to achieve this, 5 min shall be allowed. No attempt shall be made to stop a child using its teeth or any other method of opening the package. However, no tools or implements should be accessible which might be used by the child, except where such tools or devices are specifically supplied as part of the design of the child-resistant package; where this is so, the children shall have unobtrusive access to that tool, but it shall not be drawn to their attention until and unless it is used in the demonstration.
If a child succeeds in opening the package within 5 min, that child shall remain in the test area until the end of the period. Any child failing to open the package in 5 min shall then watch a package being opened and reclosed by the supervisor in full view, without emphasis being placed on the actions of opening and without any verbal instruction. The child shall then have a further 5 min to open the package.ISO 8317 pdf download.

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