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ISO 8255-2:2013 pdf free

ISO 8255-2:2013 pdf free.Microscopes一Cover glasses一Quality of materials, standards of finish and mode of packaging
The contents of freshly opened packages shall be removed in groups of about 10 pieces and examined for adhesion of their interfaces (two or more glasses adhering together, not coming apart with slight flexing or riffling). No more than one group of 10 pieces shall be taken from a single package to make up the test sample for this and subsequent tests. Rubber or plastic finger covers, plastic inspection gloves, or other suitable means shall be used to avoid introducing moisture or other foreign matter which could cause adhesion. The glasses shall be handled by edges and the glasses shall not be pressed together. Each adhered interface shall be considered a defect (see 4.7).
When 10 cover glasses are observed for approximately five s as a group against a half matte black, half matte white split background (see Figure 1), there shall be an absence of haze, cloudiness, fingerprints, or particulate matter when observed by the eye (Vision 1,0) under the ilumination specified in 6.1 with the light above the cover glasses being examined. If fingerprints or particulate matter are noted, individual pieces shall be examined to determine whether the contamination is on one or more pieces. If so, each contaminated piece shall be considered a defect. Haze and cloudiness shall be considered only in groups of 10. The eye of the observer shall be approximately 30 cm from the surface of the glass (see 4.6).
Observe 10 cover glasses as a group, as specified in 6.4. There shall be no observable pits, seeds cords,stones, lines, abrasions, scratches, or cracks. The same samples as used for the test specified in 6.4 may be used, and observation may be simultaneous. If defects are noted in the groups of 10, the individual pieces shall be examined as specified in 6.4 (see 4.4).ISO 8255-2 pdf download.

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