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ISO 8168:2016 pdf free

ISO 8168:2016 pdf free.Aerospace – Bolts, with MJ threads, made of heat and corrosion resisting steel, strength class 1100 MPa
The manufacturer shall be capable of providing a continuous production of bolts complying with the quality requirements specified in this document. It is recommended that the manufacturer implement a recognized quality management system.
The purpose of qualification inspections1) of bolts is to check that the design and manufacturing conditions of a bolt allow it to satisfy the requirements of this document.
Quality documentation for parts produced in accordance with this document shall be maintained for a minimum period of 10 years.
The purpose of a production acceptance inspection of a bolt is to check, as simply as possible, using a method which is inexpensive but representative of the actual conditions of use, with the uncertainty inherent in statistical sampling, that the bolt satisfies the requirements of this document.
Production acceptance inspections shall be carried out by the manufacturer or under his responsibility.Inspections shall be carried out on each production batch or inspection lot. Bolts from the batch or lot to be inspected shall be selected by simple random sampling.
Each bolt may be submitted to several inspections, provided that none of the characteristics to be verified has been previously altered during any of these inspections.
The bolts to be subjected to destructive inspections may be those on which non-destructive inspections have been carried out.
If a more stringent inspection is deemed necessary, all or part of the qualification inspections may be performed during the acceptance inspections. In this case, the number of bolts submitted is the same as that submitted for the qualification inspection.
Production batches or inspection lots declared unacceptable after the production acceptance inspections shall be submitted for re-inspection only after all the defective units have been removed and/or defects have been corrected. In this case, the attribute(s) that caused the rejection shall be verified using a sample of twice the normal size with the same number of defective items acceptable.ISO 8168 pdf free.


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