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ISO 8124-6:2014 pdf free

ISO 8124-6:2014 pdf free.Safety of toys – Certain phthalate esters in toys and children’s products
Due to the variation of instruments in different laboratories, no universal applicable instructions can be provided for chromatographic analysis. The following general GC-MS operating conditions have been found suitable, and an example of operating conditions is given in Annex C.
a) Column: capillary column, non-polar (phenylarylene polymer equivalent to 5 % phenylmethyl polysiloxane), or equivalent.
b) Oven temperature program.
c) Carrier gas: helium or hydrogen, constant flow.
d) Injector system: split or splitless.
e) lonization method: electron ionization (EI), 70 eV.
f) Determination: Identification by full scan mode, quantification by selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode simultaneously.
Two optional calibration methods, External Standard (ES) ( and Internal Standard (IS) (74.3.3),are described in the following. Either ES or IS can be used for calibration. Laboratories can choose the suitable calibration method according to their best practice (see Annex E).
A calibration curve shall be established for either method. A minimum of five equidistant calibration standard solutions (4.4 or 4.5.3) shall be prepared. Quantification is based on the measurement of the peak area. The correlation coefficient (r), of each calibration curve shall be at least 0,995. The isomers of DINP and DIDP shall be quantified using baseline integration.
NOTE 1 DINP and DIDP are available as different isomeric mixtures under different CAS numbers. Since the chromatogram of the GC-MS is different for each mixture, the laboratory should choose the reference substance that matches as closely as possible the isomeric ratio to the phthalates in the test portion and report the CAS No.of the reference material used in accordance with 11 f).
NOTE 2 Due to the existence of inseparable isomers, the peaks of DNOP, DINP and DIDP are partially overlapped.The interference of this can be minimized effectively when m/z = 279 (DNOP), m/z = 293 (DINP), and m/z= 307 (DIDP) are selected as quantification ions respectively.ISO 8124-6 pdf download.

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