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ISO 8124-5:2015 pdf free.Safety of toys一Determination of total concentration of certain elements in toys
The steps in 8.1 (microwave digestion) and 8.2 (hot plate and hot block digestion of test portion) are carried out under a fume hood or in the microwave digestion system (5.2.1).
Subclause 8.1 (microwave digestion) or 8.2 (hot plate and hot block digestion of test portion) describe how to digest the test portion using either aqua regia [3 parts hydrochloric acid (5.1.3) to 1 part nitric acid (5.1.1)] or reverse aqua regia [1 part hydrochloric acid (5.1.3) to 3 parts nitric acid (5.1.1)] followed by dilution and quantification using the instrumental technique of inductively coupled plasma – mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) or inductively coupled plasma – atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES). Other instrumental techniques can be used provided that they fulfil the criteria relating to detection limits set out in Table 1.
Aqua regia and reverse aqua regia are best prepared in situ in the presence of the test portion. The order of mixing the hydrochloric acid and nitric acid is not critical but should be the same for consistency.
Sample blanks shall be run with each batch of test portions digested according to 8.1 (microwave digestion) or 8.2 (hot plate and hot block digestion of test portion).
The microwave digestion system (5.2.1) nor the conditions to be used are specified in this part of ISO 8124. This allows the test laboratory to use any appropriate microwave system and digestion conditions. However, the test laboratory should determine the optimum digestion conditions based upon the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations and the laboratory’s own experiences with digestion of various material types. It is essential that complete digestion is achieved. In the event that the safety relief valve or system activates during the digestion, the analysis must be repeated using a new test portion and a suitably pressure rated vessel.
Weigh accurately (to the nearest 0,1 mg) between 10 mg and 100 mg of the test portion prepared in Clause 7 ( preparation of test portions) into a microwave digestion vessel (5.2.2) then carefully add 1,5 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid (5.1.3) followed by 4,5 ml of concentrated nitric acid (5.1.1).
In order to reduce the potential for matrix interference, it is recommended to use the same grade reagents as the calibration standards.ISO 8124-5 pdf download.

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