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ISO 8098:2014 pdf free

ISO 8098:2014 pdf free.Cycles一Safety requirements for bicycles for young children
These requirements are intended to address the hazards associated with the users of bicycles falling on projections or rigid components (e.g. handlebars, levers) on a bicycle possibly causing internal injury or skin puncture.
Tubes and rigid components in the form of projections which constitute a puncture hazard to the rider should be protected. The size and shape of the end protection has not been stipulated, but an adequate shape shall be given to avoid puncturing of the body. Screw threads which constitute a puncture hazard shall be limited to a protrusion length of one major diameter of the screw beyond the internally threaded mating part.
Bicycles, whether or not fitted with a fixed transmitted drive, shall be equipped with at least two independently actuated braking systems, one system operating on the front wheel and one on the rear.
The decision on whether the rear braking system is operated by the rider’s hand or foot should be made in accordance with the legislation, custom or preference of the country to which the bicycle is to be supplied.
Brake-blocks containing asbestos shall not be permitted.
The brake-levers for front and rear brakes shall be positioned according to the legislation or custom and practice of the country in which the bicycle is to be sold, and the bicycle manufacturer shall state in the users instruction manual which lever operates the front brake and which operates the rear brake, see also Clause5 b).
The maximum grip dimension, d, measured between the outer surfaces of the brake-lever and the handlebar, or the handlebar-grip or any other covering where present, shall not exceed 75 mm over a distance of 40 mm as shown in Figure 1. For dimension a see
The brake-lever may be adjusted to permit these dimensions to be obtained.ISO 8098 pdf download.

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