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ISO 8000-61:2016 pdf free

ISO 8000-61:2016 pdf free.Data quality – Data quality management: Process reference model
This part of ISO 8000 is applicable to managing the quality of digital data sets that include not only structured data stored in databases but also less structured data such as images, audio, video and electronic documents. This part of ISO 8000 can be used by an organization managing data quality at the organization level because, for instance, multiple software applications are sharing and exchanging data.
This part of ISO 8000 is used as a process reference model by internal and external parties, including certification bodies, to assess process capability or organizational maturity for data quality management and to enhance data quality through process improvement.
This part of ISO 8000 can be used in conjunction with, or independently of, quality management systerms standards e.g. ISO 9001).
The following fundamental principles apply to managing the quality of data.
– Process approach: the processes that use, create and update data are defined and operated. These processes become repeatable and reliable by also defining and operating processes for managing data quality.
– Continuous improvement: data are improved through effective measurement and correction of data nonconformities that arise from data processing. Such improvements, however, do not prevent the same nonconformities occurring repeatedly. Sustained improvement arises from analysing, tracing and removing the root causes of poor data quality, usually requiring the improvement of processes.
– Involvement of people: specific responsibilities for data quality management exist at different levels of the organization. End users have the greatest direct effect on data quality through data processing activities. In addition, data quality specialists perform the necessary intervention and control to implement and embed processes for improvement of data quality across the organization. Finally,oversight by top management ensures the necessary resources are made available and directs the organization towards achieving the vision, goals and objectives for data quality.ISO 8000-61 pdf free download.


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