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ISO 7637-3:2016 pdf free

ISO 7637-3:2016 pdf free.Road vehicles一 Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling
Ensure that the general test setup conditions defined in 4.4 are applied.
The test setup using the CCC is shown in Figure 2. The coupling circuit consists of a CCC through which lines of the DUT are installed as agreed between the vehicle manufacturer and the supplier and documented in the test plan. The coupling lengthis 1 m.
The DUT 12/24 V supply lines (ground and supply) should not be included in the CCC. Any other ground or supply line delivered by the DUT to an auxiliary equipment (sensors, actuators) shall be included in the CCC. If the auxiliary equipment is locally grounded, this local ground connection shalll be excluded from the CCC. Any exception about ground or supply lines included in the CCC shall be stated in the test plan.
All lines which are placed in the CCC shall lie flat in single layer (typically 10 to 20 lines). This may require multiple tests to be performed in order to test all the DUT lines.
The hinged lid of the CCC shall be placed as flat as possible to ensure contact with the test harness which should be positioned as flat as possible.
Twisted and shielded wire configurations shall be maintained inside the CCC.
The test conditions for a DUT with multiple connectors (single test on all the branches or test on individual branch) or for a harness with more than 10 to 20 lines shall be specified in the test plan.
The distance between the DUT and the CCC, and between peripheral devices and the CCC, shall be greater than or equal to 300 mm. The portions of the lines being tested which are outside the CCC shall be placed at a distance of (50±5) mm above the ground plane and oriented at 90°±15° to the longitudinal CCC axis.
The lines which are not under CCC test are routed outside the coupling clamp. They shall be placed on a (50±5) mm height insulating support and shall be placed at a minimum distance of 100 mm to the coupling clamp.ISO 7637-3 pdf download.

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