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ISO 7599:2018 pdf free

ISO 7599:2018 pdf free.Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys
Sealing is a treatment applied to an anodic oxidation coating to reduce its porosity and absorption capacity (as defined in ISO 7583). In many applications, anodic oxidation coatings are expected to resist degradation by aqueous solutions. Sealing can provide that resistance. Where the retention of the initial appearance is important, for example, in outdoor architectural applications, sealing at the surface of the anodic oxidation coating is important. Where the anodized aluminium is expected to resist strongly acidic or alkaline conditions over a short time period, for example, car-wash fluids, sealing throughout the thickness of the coating can be important.
Hydrothermal sealing is very well established and quality control methods have been developed for anodic oxidation coatings sealed using such treatments. These test methods can be appropriate where other sealing treatments are used.
In cases of dispute, the quality of hydrothermal sealing of anodic oxidation coatings shall be determined by one of the test methods specified in ISO 3210. The necessity of prior acid treatment and maximum accepted loss of mass shall be agreed between the anodizer and the customer.
The test should be carried out without prior acid treatment for internal architectural and decorative coatings and with prior acid treatment for external architectural coatings.
These methods are surface-specific. They test the resistance of the surface of a sealed anodic oxidation coating to attack by certain acid solutions. They are not intended to test the quality of the whole thickness of the coating.
NOTE The maximum accepted loss of mass of anodic oxidation coatings is variously set at 30 mg/dm2.
Anodized articles shall be free from visible defects on the significant surface(s) when viewed from a distance to be agreed between the anodizer and the customer. If requested by the customer, the position(s) and maximum size(s) of the contact mark(s) shall be agreed between the anodizer and the customer.
Visual inspection shall be carried out under diffuse light, the source and strength of which shall be agreed between the anodizer and the customer.ISO 7599 pdf download.

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