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ISO 7241:2014 pdf free

ISO 7241:2014 pdf free.Hydraulic fluid power – Dimensions and requirements of quick-action couplings
The performance values specified in this International Standard apply to standard couplings made from carbon steel. The use of any combination of other materials and related performance values shall be agreed between the customer and manufacturer.
Series A and B hydraulic quick- action couplings shall meet or exceed the maximum working pressure and minimum burst pressure ratings given in Tables 5 and 6. See Clause 6 and Table 7 for additional requirements for Series A quick- action couplings for use in agricultural machinery applications.
Size 12,5 and 20 Series A quick action couplings designated for use on agricultural machinery shall fulfil the additional requirements specified in this clause, unless otherwise agreed between the customer and manufacturer. Any other performance requirements shall be in accordance with ISO 5675.
Female and male coupling halves shall fulfil the following requirements.
a) The connecting force measured in accordance to ISO 18869 shall not exceed 200 N with the male coupling half pressurized to 16 MPa (160 bar) and the female coupling half pressurized to 0,25 MPa (2,5 bar) for size 12,5 and 0,10 MPa (1,0 bar) for size 20.
b) The disconnecting force shall not exceed 1,7 kN for size 12,5 and 2,5 kN for size 20 when subjected to ;
an internal pressure of 17,5 MPa (175 bar). The disconnecting force shall be measured in accordance with ISO 18869.
A special female coupling capable of connecting and disconnecting under pressure is required to meet these requirements.
The couplings shall be free from defects such as cracks and porosity and shall be deburred. Sharp edges on the outside shall be removed. All machined surfaces shall have a material removal rate surface roughness value of MRR Ramax 3,2 um, except where otherwise specified in the figures. The finishing of the sealing area in contact with ports and stud ends shall conform to the respective connector standards.
Couplings conforming to this International Standard shall be permanently marked at a minimum with the manufacturer’s name, logo, or product identification.ISO 7241 pdf download.

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