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ISO 7240-28:2014 pdf free

ISO 7240-28:2014 pdf free.Fire detection and alarm systems – Fire protection control equipment
FPCE output signals shall be configurable at access level 3. The configuration, at least, shall be dependent upon the fire alarm condition signals received from the fire detection control and indicating equipment, and shall allow for adaptations that can be required as part of the design of the fire detection and alarm system installed in or around the building.
The mandatory indications and/or outputs shall not be falsified by multiple fire signals received from the same or different fire detection control and indicating equipment, resulting from the simultaneous operation of two sets of fire detection control and indicating equipment, and/or the operation of additional sets of fire detection control and indicating equipment.
Indication of the fire protection condition is established when the following are present:
a) a visible indication, by means of a separate light-emitting indicator (the general fire protection condition indicator);
b) a visible indication of the FPCE output activation, as specified in 4.3.3, which can be omitted for FPCE and capable of sending signals to only one AFPE;
c) an audible indication, as specified in 4.10.
The FPCE output indiator shall flash when the FPCE output is activated and go steady when the FPCE receives acknowledgement from the AFPE.
NOTE 1 The criteria used for the acknowledgement signal are dependent on the AFPE. For example, an acknowledgement signal for a smoke exhaust fan might not be sent from the exhaust fan control equipment until the fan has correctly started.
NOTE 2 Some activated equipment (e.g. valves for a gas cylinder) might not be capable of sending an acknowledgement signal. In this example, the output indicator remains flashing, indicating to the operator that the status of the AFPE remains unclear.
Activation of the AFPE by means other than the FPCE (e.g. a suppression system directly activated by heat) shall be indicated by separate light-emitting indicators, or an alphanumeric display, or both, for each FPCE output. The indicators can be the same as those used in 7240-28 pdf free download.

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