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ISO 7240-23:2013 pdf free

ISO 7240-23:2013 pdf free.Fire detection and alarm systems – Visual alarm devices.
If a test method requires a specimen to be in the quiescent state, then the specimen shall not be supplied with power unless it is a v.a.d. of the types which have electronic circuits for analysing control signals and triggering the visual alarm signal, in which case the specimen shall be connected to suitable power supply and control equipment as specified in the data provided by the manufacturer and the control signals shall be arranged so that the specimen is in a non-signalling state.
Unless otherwise specified in the test procedure, the supply parameters applied to the specimen shall be set within the manufacturer’s specified range(s) and shall remain constant throughout the tests. The value chosen for each parameter shall be the nominal value, or the mean of the specified range.
If different light levels for operation under different conditions are declared (see 4.10.2), then, unless otherwise specified by the test procedure, the tests shall be conducted under one selected mode of operation only. Selection of the mode of operation shall be made with the aim to use that which consumes the most power. This shall normally be the brightest mode and/or the mode with the highest frequency of flashing.
NOTE All modes of operation and all voltage ranges are tested in 5.4.
Unless otherwise specified, the specimen shall be mounted by its normal means of attachment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on a flat rigid backing board. If these instructions describe more than one method of mounting then the method considered to be most unfavourable shall be chosen for each test.
Mount the specimen in the light chamber as specified in Annex B.Where modifications to the light chamber are necessary in order to heat the chamber, conduct a pre-conditioning measurement of the light output as described in Annex B before the start of conditioning.In this case, the result of this pre-conditioning test shall be used in place of the result obtained during the reproducibility test.ISO 7240-23 pdf free.

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