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ISO 7176-8:2014 pdf free

ISO 7176-8:2014 pdf free.Wheelchairs – Requirements and test methods for static, impact and fatigue strengths
When tested in accordance with Clauses 8, 9, and 10, a single wheelchair shall meet all the following requirements at the conclusion of the tests.
a) No component shall show evidence of visible cracks, be fractured, or have become detached, with the following exceptions.
1) Readjustment of postural supports is allowed after each of the tests in Clauses 8 and 9.
2) Re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting of components that are identified in the operator’s manual as operator-adjustable components is allowed at 25 % intervals during each of the multi drum, drop, and manual brake fatigue testing procedures (Clause 10). Operator adjustable components, as identified in the operator’s manual, may not be adjusted using tools unless the tools are supplied with the wheelchair. If there are operator adjustable components,fatigue test equipment may be stopped at 25 % plus or minus 5 % intervals, to determine if re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting of operator-adjustable components is required. Re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting shall then be performed, following the procedures outlined in the operator’s manual. Restart the test equipment after re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting has been performed.
3) Re-tightening, readjusting, or refitting of any other component is not allowed.
4) During the fatigue testing (Clause 10), the following wear items, if they are identified in the operator’s manual, may be replaced no more than twice per item: tyres (including solid tyres),inner tubes, drive belts, castor wheel rubber. In the case of castor wheels that are a single integral part, replacement is only permitted because of wear or failure of the running surface,but not for failure of the wheel structure or other elements (e.g. bearings). No other wear items may be replaced.
5) Cracks in surface finishes, such as paint, that do not extend into the structural material do not constitute a failure.
There shall be provision for an electrically powered wheelchair to drive the reference drum using its own drive system when the drive wheel(s) have a common axis of rotation and provision to drive all other drum(s) at the appropriate speed as specified above. Supplemental power using battery chargers or a remote power supply may be provided to the batteries to run the wheelchair. If supplemental power is provided, it shall be connected to the battery terminals so that all current from the battery set flows through the corresponding connectors of the wheelchair as in normal use.ISO 7176-8 pdf download.


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