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ISO 683-3:2014 pdf free

ISO 683-3:2014 pdf free.Heat-treatable steels, alloy steels and free-cutting steels
The fllowing information shall be supplied by the purchaser at the time of enquiry and order:
a ) quantity to be delivered;
b) designation of the product form (slab, bloom, billet, round bar or square bar, wire rod, wide flats, sheet, plate, strip, forging, etc.);
c) either the designation of the dimensional standard and the dimensions and tolerances selected from this (see 7.8) or, for example in the case of drop forgings, the designation of the drawing or any other document covering the dimensions and tolerances required for the product;
d) reference to this part of ISO 683, i.e. ISO 683-3;
e) the designation of the steel type given in Table 3;
f) standard designation for a test report 2.2 or, if required, any other type of inspection document in accordance with ISO 10474 (or according to another regional standard, e.g. EN 10204 or JIS G 0415).
Options and/or supplementary or special requirements
A number of options are specified in this International Standard and listed below. If the purchaser does not indicate the wish to implement any of these options, the products will be supplied in accordance with the basic specifications of this part of ISO 683 (see 5.1):
a) if a heat-treatment condition other than the untreated condition is required, the symbol for this other condition (see Table 1, column 2);
b) if a surface condition other than “hot worked” or a special surface quality is required, the surface condition (see Table 2) and the surface quality (see 7.7.3);
c) any requirement for restricted hardenability scatter bands for alloy steels (+HH, +HL; see 7.1.1, Table 6 and Figure 1);
d) if any supplementary requirerment shall be complied with, the symbol and, where necessary, the details of this supplementary requirement (see Annex A);
e) any requirement for the verification of non-metallic inclusion content (see Z.5);
f) verification of hardenability and, if agreed, the information about calculation of the hardenability (see 9.2.2);
g) any requirement concerning suitability of bars and rod for bright drawing (see 77.4);ISO 683-3 pdf download.

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