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ISO 6508-1:2016 pdf free

ISO 6508-1:2016 pdf free.Metallic materials – Rockwell hardness test
The diamond or ball indenter shall have been the indenter used during the last indirect verification.If the indenter was not used during the indirect verification and is being used for the first time, it shall be verified in accordance with the daily verification given in Annex E using at least two test blocks (one from the low and high ranges as defined in ISO 6508-2:2015, Table 1) for each Rockwell scale that is normally used. This does not apply to replacing a ball.
The test piece shall be placed on a rigid support and supported in such a manner that the surface to be indented is in a plane normal to the axis of the indenter and the line of the indenting force, as well as to avoid a displacement of the test piece.
Products of cylindrical shape shall be suitably supported, for example, on centering V-block or double cylinders made of material with a Rockwell hardness of at least 60 HRC. Special attention shall be given to the correct seating, bearing, and alignment of the indenters, the test piece, the centering V-blocks,and the specimen holder of the testing machine, since any perpendicular misalignment might result in incorrect results.
The laboratory shall record at least the following information and that information shall be included in the test report, unless agreed by the parties concerned:
a) a reference to this part of ISO 6508, i.e. ISO 6508-1;
b) all details necessary for the complete identification of the test piece, including the curvature of the test surface;
c) the test temperature, if it is not within the limits of 10 °C to 35°C;
d) the hardness result in the format defined in 4.2;
e) all operations not specified in this part of ISO 6508, or regarded as optional;
f) details of any occurrence which might have affected the result;
g) the actual extended total force duration time used, if greater than the 6 s allowed by the tolerances;
n) the date the test was performed;
i) if conversion to another hardness scale is also performed, the basis and method of this conversion shall be specified (see ISO 18265[12]).ISO 6508-1 pdf free.

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