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ISO 6385:2016 pdf free

ISO 6385:2016 pdf free.Ergonomics principles in the design of work systems
In the case of a new design, the analysis of system requirements will involve the acquisition of information regarding the production or performance requirements of the work process, together with the characteristics and limitations of the people who will be working in the new system (including user needs) and the environment in which they will work. Where equivalent or similar systems already exist, this will also entail the identification of information regarding ergonomics issues and problems occurring with these existing work systems, either from existing sources or from studies conducted for the purpose. Appropriate ergonomic methods and techniques for this purpose imply the use of evaluation tools for working conditions, observations on the spot, interviews, etc.
After gathering and analysing this information, a set of demands, requirements and specifications shall be created, which includes work system specifications relating to the performance, safety, health and well-being of the workers as well as the technical performance requirements for the new system.
EXAMPLE One design goal of a dedicated voice recognition system to be designed is to allow surgeons to verbally dictate a report about an operation they have just carried out, with a voice recognition accuracy greater than 98 %.
Each aspect, element and component (see 3.6) of the work system which can influence the human or system performance shall be described, including both operation and maintenance.
Having established the requirements for the new system, the first step in this stage is to establish those functions which are to be fulilled by the work system in order to meet these requirements. Once these have been established, decisions shall be taken about how to allocate these between worker(s) and equipment. This is to ensure that each function is performed in an effective and efficient manner with due regard to the work system design considerations previously identified (see 3.3). This will involve analysing the capabilities and limitations in fulilling the requirements of the system of both the human and technical components of the planned system. This analysis and the subsequent allocation of functions to workers or equipment should create tasks and jobs, which have a positive effect on health, well-being and safety, as well as achieving the desired level of performance.ISO 6385 pdf free.

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