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ISO 6330:2000 pdf free

ISO 6330:2000 pdf free.Textiles一Domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing
Place the material on the flat bed of the press (see 5.4). Smooth out heavy wrinkles by hand and lower the head of the press, which shall be set at a temperature suitable for the material to be pressed, for one or more short periods as required to dry the material. Record the temperature and pressure used.
NOTE This procedure is not intended to be used for evaluating articles containing temperature sensitive fibres. Research is on-going to establish the appropriate criteria for these fabrics.
At the end of the selected washing and hydroextraction process, immediately place the material and the ballast in the tumble dryer (see 5.2). Tumble dry the load as fllows.
If measuring the fabric temperature during tumble drying is required, plastic ribbons (thermolabels) that indicate the temperature, shall be affixed to the fabric. These thermolabels shall be capable of measuring in the temperature range (40 to 90)°C.
To determine the optimum heat setting, tumble dry the load at the normal (high) heat setting for the calculated test cycle time as determined by the method described in annex C. At the end of the calculated test cycle time the final moisture shall be equivalent to the moisture content of the conditioned textile (0 % at 20 °C and 65 °C relative humidity).
If a weighing device is used, place the tumble dryer on the platform of the weighing device and determine the mass of the dryer. Place the weighed specimens or garments including ballast in the dryer and switch on the dryer.
Continue drying until the mass does not change and then switch off the heat and allow to run without heat for at least 5 min. After this time, measure the mass of the relaxed specimens or garments.
Determine the dimensions of the materials and then proceed to further dry the load until the final moisture shall be either- 2 % for synthetics or – 5 % for cellulosics.
Dry to constant mass.
For machines specified in 5.2.2, ensure that the temperature of the exhaust from the drum is set at a temperature not exceeding 70°C for normal fabrics and 50°C for permanent press or delicate fabrics. Operate the dryer until the load is dry, and continue tumbling for 5 min with the heat turned off. Remove the material immediately.ISO 6330 pdf download.

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