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ISO 6162-2:2018 pdf free

ISO 6162-2:2018 pdf free.Hydraulic fluid power一Flange connections with split or one-piece flange clamps and metric or inch screws
Unless otherwise specified, the O-rings shall be made of NBR (nitrile) with a hardness of (90±5) IRHD, measured in accordance with ISO 48, for use at the pressure and temperature requirements given in Clause 8 and Table 1 or Table 2, and for testing. The O-rings specified in Tables 1 and 2 shall conform to the dimensions given in ISO 3601-1 for the relevant size code, conform to tolerance class A in ISO 3601-1 and shall meet or exceed the 0-ring quality acceptance criteria for grade N of ISO 3601-3.
If the flange connection is expected to be used at temperatures higher than specified in Clause 8, 0-rings made of materials that meet the higher temperature requirements shall be used.
Connectors conforming to this document contain elastomeric seals. Unless otherwise specified,connectors are made and delivered with elastomeric seals for use within the specified working temperature range with petroleum base hydraulic fluids. The use of these connectors and elastomeric seals with other hydraulic fluids might result in a reduced working temperature range or might render the connectors unsuitable for the application. Upon request, manufacturers may supply connectors with elastomeric seals which are intended for use with non-petroleum base hydraulic fluid and which meet the specified working temperature range of the connectors.
The surface pressure between the screw head and the flange clamp should be considered. The use of hardened washers is recommended; however, flange connections conforming to previous editions of ISO 6162-2 might not accommodate the use of this type of washer. Washers, if used, shall conform to ISO 7089 (HV 300) type A and be sized for the corresponding screw. Plain washers conforming to ANSI/ASME B18.22.1, type B narrow series HV 300, may be substituted when using type 2 screws; see Tables 1 and 2 for exceptions.
The external surface of all carbon steel flange clamps and carbon steel flanged heads, except weld-on flanged heads, shall be protected with an appropriate coating to pass a minimum 72-h neutral salt spray test in accordance with ISO 9227, unless otherwise agreed upon by the supplier and purchaser.Weld-on flanged heads shall be protected from corrosion by an oil film, phosphate coating or by other means that do not negatively affect weldability. This protection shall meet or exceed a 16-h neutral salt spray test in accordance with ISO 9227, unless otherwise agreed upon by the supplier and purchaser.ISO 6162-2 pdf download.

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