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ISO 5817:2014 pdf free

ISO 5817:2014 pdf free.Welding一Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys
This annex gives additional requirements on quality levels in order to meet the fatigue class (FAT) requirement.
The value offatigue class FAT is the bearable stress range related to 2 million cycles for a two-sided survival probability of 95 % calculated from the mean value on the basis of two-sided 75 % tolerance limits of the mean corresponding to IIW-Recommendation (IIW document IIW-1823-07). IIW-Recommendations contain also information about fatigue classes FAT for different types of welded joints of steel (e.g. butt and fillet welds).
For welds subject to fatigue load, Table 1 shall be supplemented with additional requirements according to Table C.1 and as follows:
The additional requirements for quality level C and B is to adjust the limits for imperfections to the fatigue class FAT 63 for quality level C giving C63 and FAT 90 for quality level B giving B90. A quality level B125 representing fatigue level FAT 125 is represented by additional requirements to level B for some imperfections. Level B125 is not generally achieved as welded. Fillet welds are excluded from Level B125.
NOTE Level C63 cover FAT 63 and lower, level B90 cover FAT 90 and lower, and level B125 cover FAT 125 and lower.
Table C.1 contains additional requirements for level C and B for welds subject to fatigue load. Empty cells in Table C.1 columns for level C and B means that values of Table 1 applies. In the column for level B125 in Table C.1 limits additional to level B requirements are presented. If no limits are presented, level B125 equals requirements for level B.
For partly penetrated butt welds and fillet welds a condition for the limits for imperfection to apply to the respective quality level is that a requirement for the design value of penetration should be fulfilled.
NOTE 1 If no value for the penetration is present, limits for imperfections can be disregarded since the fatigue life will be governed by the design root crack.
NOTE 2 For the quality levels to apply to fatigue levels, FAT, the penetration depth of the inner side of the weld (root side), which is governed by minimum requirements on the drawing, should be determined by appropriate analysis methods and in later stages assessed using inspection.ISO 5817 pdf download.

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