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ISO 5776:2016 pdf free

ISO 5776:2016 pdf free.Graphic technology一Symbols for text proof correction
This International Standard specifies symbols for use in copy preparation and proof correction in alphabetic languages and in logographic languages. It is applicable to texts submitted for correction,whatever their nature or presentation (manuscripts, typescripts, printer’s proofs, etc.), and for marking up copy for all methods of composition.
Symbols for the correction of mathematical texts and colour ilustrations are not included.
Table 1 specifies the symbols for use with all alphabetic languages as the symbols are not language-specific.
NOTE 1 The symbols are grouped according to general function and are numbered consecutively within their groups in the first column.To indicate the instruction specified in the second column, the mark used in the text shall be as specified in the third column and the corresponding symbol used in the margin shall be as specified in the fourth column. The text and margin marks in the third and fourth columns shall be applied as shown in the fifth column. The placement of the marginal marks on the right or left is a matter of convenience and of the space available.
NOTE 2 The sixth column shows the result of their use.The text marks in column three shall be used in combination with the symbols in column four. Some text marks are identical to the corresponding margin mark, but in many cases, it may be necessary to identify the text that needs to be altered and this can be achieved by circling it. A few symbols extend from the text to the margin so that no separate margin mark is required.
NOTE 3 Annex A demonstrates the application of some of the marks on a page proof in English and the corrected proof. The symbols on the marked-up page proof would look the same in all alphabetic languages.Annex D lists the updated versions of the basic set of symbols for alphabetic languages that was included in the previous edition of this International Standard. These have simply been extracted from Table 1 for ease of reference.ISO 5776 pdf free.

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