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ISO 5630-7:2014 pdf free

ISO 5630-7:2014 pdf free.Paper and board一Accelerated ageing
Sheets of paper are aged at an accelerated rate by exposing them to an elevated light irradiance. The elevated irradiance accelerates changes in the optical properties which occur when paper is exposed to “normal” light levels over an extended period. By comparing diffuse blue reflectance factor (ISO brightness) and the b*CIELab colour coordinate before and after ageing, a measure of the stability of the optical properties of the paper when exposed to light is obtained.
Light source, producingan even rradiance (total rradiance) to alltest surfaces of 20W/m2±1 W/m2 in the wavelength range 290 nm to 800 nm with a UV component of 1,0 W/m2±0,1 W/m2. The ratio of the irradiance in the wavelength range 400 nm to 600 nm to that in the range 600 nm to 800 nm shall be1,0 to 1,5 with all wavelengths over the range 400 nm to 700 nm present in the radiation.
The uniformity of the total irradiance shall be such that it does not vary by more than±1 W/m2 on any portion of the test surface of the specimen. If the light delivered by the source includes wavelengths below 300 nm, these shall be removed by the use of a suitable glass filter.
The total irradiance of the light source at the specimen surface shall be checked at regular intervals to maintain it within a range of±1 W/m2 of its nominal value (value when first tested or first used) with a UV component maintained within±0,1 W/m2. If the irradiance is outside either of these ranges, the lamp(s) shall be replaced.
Light chamber, of a size sufficient to mount the number of test pieces required for testing (Clause 8) in such a way that all of the surface area on one side of each specimen is exposed uniformly to the specified irradiance (4.1).
System for controlling the temperature of the surface of the test pieces, that keeps the surface temperature of the test pieces below 26 °C when exposed to the light used to age them. For example, a system for blowing air that meets the specifications of the atmosphere used to condition the test specimens (Clause 6), over the specimens at a sufficiently high rate.ISO 5630-7 pdf download.

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