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ISO 527-3:2018 pdf free

ISO 527-3:2018 pdf free.Plastics – Determination of tensile properties
See ISO 527-1:2012, Clause 5, subject to the following additional requirements.
According to ISO 527-1:2012, 5.1.2, the tensile-testing machine shall be capable of maintaining the speeds of testing as specified in ISO 527-1:2012, Table 1. It is normal for films and sheets to be tested at a speed of 5 mm/min, 50 mm/min, 100 mm/min, 200 mm/min, 300 mm/min or 500 mm/min. The information contained in ISO 527-1:2012, 9.6, also applies.
According to ISO 527-1:2012, 5.1.5, when testing thin sheets or film material, the specimen shall not carry the weight of the extensometer.
According to ISO 527-1:2012, 5.2, devices complying with the requirements in ISO 4593 shall be used for measuring the thickness, except in the case of very thin film (less than 0,01 mm thick) or embossed film. In those cases, the thickness shall be determined by the method specified in ISO 4591. When ISO 4591 is used, the average thickness of the film sample shall be taken as the thickness of the test specimen. is a strip that is 10 mm to 25 mm wide and not less than 150 mm long (specimen type 2一see Figure 1), having two parallel gauge marks, 50 mm apart, on the central portion of the specimen.
Some film materials have a very high elongation at break which may result in them being outside the stretching capacity of the testing machine. In such cases, it is permissible to reduce the initial distance between the grips to 50 mm.
When required by the specification for the material under test or for routine quality-control tests, dumb-bell specimen types 5, 1B and 4 of the shape and dimensions shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4 may be used. These specimens are convenient to produce and permit rapid quality-control testing.
Specimen type 5 (see Figure 2) is recommended for film and sheet with a very high strain at break.
Specimen type 4 is recommended for other types of flexible thermoplastic sheet.
Specimen type 1B (see Figure 3) is recommended for rigid sheets.ISO 527-3 pdf download.

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