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ISO 4999:2014 pdf free

ISO 4999:2014 pdf free.Continuous hot-dip terne (lead alloy) coated cold-reduced carbon steel sheet of commercial, drawing and structural qualities
Terne sheet is normally produced in thicknesses from 0,30 mm to 2,0 mm, and in widths of 600 mm to 1 400 mm in coils and cut lengths. Terne sheet less than 600 mm wide can be slit from wide sheet and will be considered as sheet. Slit sheet is not available from all producers.
The thickness of hot-dip terne lead alloy) coated steel sheet can be specified as a combination of base metal and metallic coating, or as base metal alone. The purchaser shall indicate on the order which specification method is required. In the event that the purchaser does not indicate any preference,the thickness as a combination of the base metal and coating will be provided. Annex B describes the requirements for specifying the thickness as base metal alone.
The chemical composition (heat analysis) shall not exceed the values given in Tables 1, 2, and 3. On request, a report of the heat analysis shall be made to the purchaser.
A verification analysis can be made by the purchaser to verify the specified analysis of the product and shall take into consideration any normal heterogeneity. The sampling method and deviation limits shall be agreed upon between the interested parties at the time of ordering.The product analysis tolerances are shown in Table 3 and Table 4.
The processes used in making the steel and in manufacturing terne (lead alloy) sheet are left to the discretion of the manufacturer. When requested, the purchaser shall be informed of the steelmaking process used.
Terne (lead alloy) coated sheet of designations TO 02, TO 03, TO 04, and T0 05 are supplied under the following two ordering conditions.
a) Ordering condition A: Steel, when ordered according to its mechanical properties, at the time the steel is made available for shipment, shall satisfy the applicable requirements of Table 5.
b) Ordering condition B: Steel, when ordered to make an identified part, shall be supplied with a commitment for satisfactory manufacturing performance within a properly established breakage allowance, which shall have been agreed upon previously between the interested parties. In these cases, the part name, the details of fabrication, and special requirements (such as freedom from stretcher strain or fluting) shall be specified.
Prolonged storing of the sheet can result in a change in mechanical properties (increase in hardness and decrease in elongation) leading to a decrease in formability. To minimize this effect, qualities of designations TO 04 and TO 05 should be specified.ISO 4999 pdf download.

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