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ISO 4708:2015 pdf free

ISO 4708:2015 pdf free.Composition cork一Gasket material一Test methods
From each sheet of material and using the cutting system (4.7), take test specimens at a distance of at least 100 mm from the edges. The number and dimensions of the test specimens shall be as specified in Table 1. Each test specimen shall be squarely cut with the edges perpendicular to its surface, and shall not show any cracks or folds.
The minimum and the maximum thicknesses of the test specimens for testing flexibility are specified in Table 2.
1) Paper Whatman No.4 has demonstrated proper absorptive properties for oils. This is an example of a suitable product available commercially. This information is given for the convenience of users of this International Standard and should not be taken as an endorsement by ISO of this product.
2) These are examples of suitable reagents. Other reagents may be used provided that they comply with the requirements specified in Annex A.
These test methods provide a standardized procedure to measure the effect of immersion in specified fluids under definite conditions of time and temperature. The test results are not intended to give any direct correlation with service conditions, taking into account the wide variations in temperature and special use that may be found in gasket applications. The specific test fluids and test conditions outlined were selected as typical for purposes of comparing different materials and may be used as a routine test when agreed between the interested parties.
The test specimens shall have the dimensions defined in Table 1 and the material thickness defined in Table 2. The test specimens shall be conditioned before the test as specified in 6.3.
Determine the thickness of the test specimens as specified in 7.1.
Place the test specimens in the containers (4.3) with ASTM IRM 903 oil (or equivalent), for 72 h, at ambient temperature (between 22℃ and 30℃). At the end of this period, remove the test specimens,clean them with absorbent paper (4.5) and determine the new thickness of the test specimens.ISO 4708 pdf download.

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