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ISO 4589-1:2017 pdf free

ISO 4589-1:2017 pdf free.Plastics一Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index
The test is used for the quality control of materials, particularly to check the incorporation of flame retardants in the material under test, and for research and development. This test is often used for inclusion in material data sheets. This test, in isolation, is insufficient to evaluate the burning behaviour and should not be used for regulations relating to safety control and consumer protection. The test provides a sensitive measure of burning materials under controlled laboratory conditions. The results are dependent upon the specimen size, shape and orientation. Aside from these restrictions, the OI test is widely used in the polymer industry as well as by cable-manufacturing companies and by those manufacturing flame retardants.
The elevated-temperature test (ISO 4589-3) provides information on the effect ofa range of temperatures on the OI value. As a result, the value of the test is different from that of the single-point measurement at room temperature in that it gives an understanding of the behaviour of materials over a temperature range. This is of particular value in detecting, for example, the potential loss of effectiveness of some added flame retardant or of some technology which has been shown to be significant in certain cases.
It is also useful in monitoring any chemical changes taking place at the higher temperatures which can serve to enhance or reduce the tendency to burn.
The flammability temperature test (ISO 4589-3:2017, Annex A) provides a means for assessing the way in which materials behave in a normal atmosphere by determining the temperature at which the OI of a specimen is 20,9 %.
ISO 4589-2 and ISO 4589-3 can be used to compare the particular burning characteristics of a series of plastic materials. The burning characteristics of a material are complex, and one test alone is insufficient to evaluate the material behaviour. It should be stressed that a number of tests are required to describe all the burning characteristics of a material.
It is essential that these small-scale laboratory tests be regarded as material tests only. They are primarily for assistance in development, monitoring consistency and/or pre-selection of materials, and are not for use as the sole means of assessing the potential fire hazard of a material in use. ISO 4589-1 pdf download.


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