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ISO 4548-5:2013 pdf free

ISO 4548-5:2013 pdf free.Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines
Fit the filter on an appropriate adaptor and apply the filter manufacturer’s recommended tightening torque or angle of rotation for the filter to be tested.
Connect the test adaptor to the pipe work system of the test rig.
Start the pump, ensuring that regulating valves 4 and 7 and solenoid valves 5 and 6 are fully open.
Allow the rig to run until all air has been purged from the system. Close solenoid valves 5 and 6 and adjust valve 4 until the pressure agreed with the customer is obtained. In the absence of such an agreement, one of the values given in Annex A shall be used.Switch on solenoid valves 5 and 6 to obtain a pressure waveform as indicated in Figure 2.
Valve 7 shall be adjusted to give a pressure differential of 10 kPa to 20 kPa to avoid negative pulses of outlet pressure. Any further adjustments during the test should be made as necessary during periods when solenoid valves 5 and 6 are closed.
An oscilloscope or an alternative device shall be provided to monitor the pressure waveform and cycle times.
Open the inlet and return valves of the water cooling system and adjust the water flow to regulate the reservoir oil temperature to maintain the required viscosity (see Clause 6).
Allow the test to continue, making visual checks for signs of failure at frequent intervals, until failure occurs or until the number of cycles agreed with the engine manufacturer has been applied. In the absence of such an agreement, the value given in Annex A for the test pressure chosen shall be used.
To stop the test, fully open valve 4 and switch off the pump and the solenoid valve control switch.
Check and record the tightening torque (i.e. turn in the tightening direction).
Remove the filter, allow to drain, and visually examine the unit to determine the failure point and type of failure, if any.ISO 4548-5 pdf download.

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