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ISO 4375:2014 pdf free

ISO 4375:2014 pdf free.Hydrometry一Cableway systems for stream gauging
The carriage from which gauging observations are made, travels along the main cable. It is suspended from track wheels running on the main cable. The carriage may be moved along the main cable manually or by a power unit. The carriage can be designed to be operated from either the standing or sitting position or both. A cableway employing a personnel carriage shall comply with the safety requirements for passenger cableways where such standards exist specially for horizontal fixed cableways, in all aspects not covered by this International Standard.
A double drum winch is one that provides both traversing and sounding functions within one piece of equipment. One drum controls the suspension cable, the other controls the movement of the carriage.The latter may be a spooling drum or take the form of a friction drive pulley driving an “endless” loop.Both drums may be driven simultaneously in traversing mode or, in sounding mode, the traversing drum may be locked to allow operation of the suspension cable drum only. This operation may also be carried out using two single drum winches. Measuring counters may be fitted to record horizontal and vertical cable movement.
A winch (sounding reel) is attached to the carriage (cable car) to raise and lower the sounding weight.
The winch is required to operate properly under the load of the sounding weight but both the winchand its mountings should be capable of accommodating the breaking load of the suspension cable with a factor of safety (FoS) of two. The winch may be hand operated or power driven.In areas where electrical storms are considered a risk to cableway operators, provision shall be made to reduce the likelihood of injury from a lightning strike on the cableway system. In countries where lightning is infrequent and lightning protection not considered necessary, work instructions should allow for abandonment of operations in the event of an electrical storm.ISO 4375 pdf free download.

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