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ISO 4250-2:2017 pdf free

load of individual tyres determined by the manufacturer’s rated gross machine mass (GMM) distribution assigned to each axle, divided by the number of tyres for that axle
Note 1 to entry: The maximum GMM includes masses calculated in to inclusive.
Note 2 to entry: If tyre ballast is used, this is also included in the determination of GMM.
actual mass of the base machine with equipment specified by the manufacturer, operator (75 kg), full fuel tank and full lubricating, hydraulic and cooling systems
For longer hauls and/or speeds in excess of those indicated in Tables 1 to 21, tyre manufacturers should be consulted for instructions regarding permissible loads and the required inflation pressures.
Selection of size and strength index of the tyre used on each axle shall be based on the highest individual wheel load as determined by gross machine mass (GMM) distribution, including load transfer and the machine application.
Maximum load per tyre shall not be greater than that specified in the applicable tables.
The performance of machines fitted with earth-mover tyres depends on the operating conditions and more particularly on the specific ground pressure which is governed by the inflation pressure. It is therefore advisable to select tyre size on the basis of low inflation pressure.
Tyres covered by this document that have a reference speed A2, 10km/h shall not exceed a cold inflation pressure of 1 000 kPa. All other tyres cold inflation pressure shall not exceed 800 kPa. Rim and wheel manufacturers shall be consulted to determine if the rim and wheel are of sufficient strength for the intended service conditions.
Inflation pressures shown in the load/inflation tables are reference cold inflation pressures and do not include any pressure build-up due to vehicle operation. In practice, the tyre inflation pressure recommended by the different tyre manufacturers can vary according to the reference cold inflation pressure.
In agreement with tyre manufacturers, inflation pressures can be adjusted to compensate for extreme atmospheric temperature or special vehicle operating conditions.ISO 4250-2 pdf free download.

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