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ISO 4210-2:2014 pdf free

ISO 4210-2:2014 pdf free.Cycles一Safety requirements for bicycles一Requirements for city and trekking, young adult, mountain
and racing bicycles
Any screws used in the assembly of suspension systems, brackets attached to electric generators, brake mechanisms and mudguards to the frame or fork, and the saddle to the seatpost shall be provided with suitable locking devices, e.g. lock-washers, lock-nuts, thread locking compound, or stiff nuts. Fasteners used to assemble hub and disc brakes should have heat-resistant locking devices.
NOTE 1 The screws used to attach the hub generator are not included.
NOTE 2 For example, mechanical and physical properties of bolts are specified in ISO 898-1.
The minimum failure torque of bolted joints for the fastening of handle bars, handlebar stems, bar ends,saddle and seat-posts shall be at least 50 % greater than the manufacturer’s recommended tightening torque.
If folding bicycle mechanism is provided, it shall be designed so that the bicycle can be locked for use in a simple, stable, safe way, and when folded, no damage shall occur to any cables. No locking mechanism shall contact the wheels or tyres during riding, and it shall be impossible to unintentionally loosen or unlock the folding mechanisms during riding.
This requirement is intended to address the hazards associated with the users of bicycles falling on projections or rigid components (e.g. handlebars, levers) on a bicycle, possibly causing internal injury or skin puncture.
Tubes and rigid components in the form of projections which constitute a puncture hazard to the rider should be protected. The size and shape of the end protection has not been stipulated, but an adequate shape shall be given to avoid puncturing of the body. Screw threads which constitute a puncture hazard shall be limited to a protrusion length of one major diameter of the screw beyond the internally threaded mating part.
A bicycle shall be equipped with at least two independently actuated braking systems. At least one shall operate on the front wheel and one on the rear wheel. The braking systems shall operate without binding and shall be capable of meeting the braking performance requirements of 4.6.8.ISO 4210-2 pdf free download.

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