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ISO 4046-3:2016 pdf free

ISO 4046-3:2016 pdf free.Paper, board, pulps and related terms – Vocabulary
coating method in which the applied coating slip is levelled and the excess removed by means of a uniform stream of compressed air (air knife) suitably directed from a slot placed across the machine in close proximity to the coated surface of the rol-supported web
NOTE Air-drying in sheets is generally carried out in contact with freely circulating air. Air-drying in the web is generally carried out by contact with heated air, either in a room or in a tunnel (festoon dryers).
NOTE In chemistry, alum refers to double salts, such as potassium aluminum sulfate. However, in papermaking the term alum is used to refer to aluminum sulfate, since some double salts were, in the past, used for the same purpose.mechanical treatment which consists in submitting stock to the action of a beater cf. refining
NOTE Beating and refiningare often used inter-changeably. More precisely, beating refers to a specific refining action where rotating bars opposite a stationary bedplate act on fibres flowing past, perpendicular to the bars. In current usage, beating can refer to any laboratory pulp refining or milling process.
method of coating a continuous web of paper or board in which the amount of coating is controlled by means of a flexible metal blade which bears upon the coated surface of a roll-supported web immediately after application of the coating slip by any convenient coating process
NOTE In the generic sense, the term “paper” may be used to describe both paper and board as defined in this part of ISO 4046. The primary distinction between paper and board is normally based upon thickness or grammage,though in some instances the distinction will be based on the characteristics and/or end-use. For example, some materials of lower grammage, such as certain grades of folding boxboard and corrugating raw materials, are generally referred to as “board”, while other materials of higher grammage, such as certain grades of blotting paper,felt paper and drawing paper, are generally referred to as “paper’.ISO 4046-3 pdf free download.

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