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ISO 377:2017 pdf free

ISO 377:2017 pdf free.Steel and steel products – Location and preparation of samples and test pieces for mechanical testing
Sample products, samples, rough specimens and test pieces shall be marked to ensure traceability to the original product and their location and orientation in that product. For this purpose, if, during the preparation of any one or more of the samples, rough specimens or test pieces, removal of the marks cannot be avoided, transfer of these marks shall be carried out before the existing marks are removed or, in the case of automatic preparation, equipment before the test piece is removed from the equipment. In the case of specific inspection and where requested by the purchaser, the transfer of the marks shall be carried out in the presence of the purchaser’s representative.
In the case of fully automatic in line preparation and testing systems, marking of samples, rough specimens and test pieces is not necessary if an adequate control system exists, which defines the procedures to follow in the event of system failure.
A sample intended for testing in the reference condition shall be separated from the product at the stage of manufacture specified in the product standard or order.
Separation of the sample shall be carried out in such a manner so as not to change the characteristics of that part of the sample used to provide the test pieces after heat treatment.
Flattening or straightening, if necessary, can be carried out either hot or cold before any heat treatment. When carried out hot, it shall be at a temperature below the final heat treatment temperature.
A rough specimen intended for testing in the reference condition shall be prepared as follows.
a) Mechanical treatment prior to heat treatment: when the sample is made smaller for the process of heat treatment, the product standard shall specify the dimensions to which the rough specimen shall be reduced and the reduction process e.g. forging, rolling, machining.
b) Heat treatment: the heat treatment of the rough specimen shall take place in an environment where the uniformity of the temperature is adequately ensured and the temperature is measured by means of a calibrated instrument. The heat treatment shall be in accordance with the requirements of the product standard or of the order.ISO 377 pdf download.

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