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ISO 37157:2018 pdf free

ISO 37157:2018 pdf free.Smart community infrastructures – Smart transportation for compact cities
Entry and exit from the transportation vehicle should be easy and accessible for all, including the elderly, children and people with small children. Users with disabilities should be able to enter and exit with minimal or no assistance. Vehicles should provide a comfortable ride for all, including the elderly,children and those with disabilities, with little vibration or noise. Where appropriate, vehicles should be air-conditioned. Vehicles can also include space for bicycles or other large items.
Vehicles should be equipped with handrails, handgrips, hanging straps and non-slip floors for safety,and there should be easy communication channels, especially with a dispatcher, in case of emergency.
NOTE Battery-powered buses provide comfort, and are widely used, because no gear changes are needed,meaning no sudden shocks.
Suitable transportation systems should be used in according with the geographical and meteorological conditions they will operate in.
Often, the target area to be developed as a compact city used to be the city centre, with narrow, winding streets. The transportation system should be suitable even in such conditions.
Vehicles should have acceleration high enough to ensure time saving for travel on such a service line with stops/stations at short intervals.
Tracks and/or dedicated street lanes should be placed in service for use by the smart transportation system only.
Transportation systems which produce low chemical emissions, vibration and noise levels should be used. Furthermore, positive application of technologies should be promoted to develop environmentally friendly vehicles and enhance the life-cycle performance of the transportation.
EXAMPLE To promote environmentally friendly performance, many cities across the world have introduced battery-powered buses, which produce no CO2, NOx, SOx or PMs. An example of a successful trial is given in Annex B.
Transportation modes which allow for the reuse of compact city land for any kind of facilities that do not have a chemical or geological impact should be used.
Transportation systems which can save energy by, for example, using recovered braking energy,minimizing energy consumption, optimizing operation schedules or controlling vehicle running performance should be used.ISO 37157 pdf download.

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